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We really appreciate our golf games with family and friends. It is a good way to enjoy life.

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bw golf team

When we started to play golf in 2003, we could not really imagine how it would change our life forever. Golf is something you can do together with your Family and Friends, and still enjoy the challenges and fierce competition which always comes with a good Golf Game.

It also gives us much of the exercise we always need, whether it is on the driving range or at the golf course..

The objective with BW Golf Team is to promote our golf, share our experiences, and just enjoy having friends that play golf

This website (www.bwgolfteam.com) is using most of the latest design tools, and gives the author valuable training how to design and build good web pages. But it is also used as our Golf Photo Album for ourselves, our family and our friends to enjoy.

We have always wanted to have our Golf Photo Album on the Web, and here it is at last. It will take a lot of work to maintain and update, but that is a nice challenge to have.

Welcome, hope you will like our Golf Photo Album and Blog
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