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How To Do A Great Golf Swing

The Perfect Golf Swing:
Watch how to do a great golf swing from the world’s leading how-to specialist. This informative video will give you helpful instructions to guarantee you get good at golf.
– The Video Jug Way – 2011

Start the Downswing

I find too many players unsure about how to start the downswing. Too often I see players using their arms and upper body too early in the downswing in an effort to generate club head speed and all they end up with is mis-hits and short shots.

The highest club head speed you can generate will come from the rotation of the body and the arms and club being whipped through the impact zone. The hands and arms do have their part to play in the process but it is nowhere as large a part as they do for most players.
– Derek Hooper – 2015

Secret To Stable Impact

Well part of the secret for stable impact is knowing where the bottom of the arc in your swing is. We show you what happens when the arc moves in relationship to the ball and how that affects your stroke. Too shallow for tops, too steep for chunks; with the correct glide impact zone your shots will be just right. Learn how to skim the grass and make those pro-like shallow divots. Set up your glide impact zone and how to be consistent in golf.
– Clay Ballard – 2015

How To Grip The Golf Club In Detail

Grip is the very beginning. It all starts there and works its way through movement, through swing, and through release. From novice to expert the range of how to grip the golf club is very dynamic. Each little point can help you control your swing all the way down to where the ball can land.

If you want to learn more about where to place your hands and how that has effect on where the ball will go. Watch the video for these 3 tips and l introduce an awesome training aid as well.
– Clay Ballard – 2015

Right Wrist In Detail

Do you know how key the hands are in the golf swing?? Very important! You need lag and you need to release that lag for speed. This more golf swing speed video will go into detail about how the right wrist moves through the golf swing. This video demonstrates the importance of the wrist and how to use its power! So, if you are a golf instructor or a student or anyone who has problems with getting lag and release, then this video will be great for you. This is a detailed video of wrist movement throughout the golf swing.
– Clay Ballard – 2016

The Left Arm In Detail

Have you ever wanted to know what the left arm was specifically doing as you make the golf swing? Are you moving correctly? How important is the left arm motions when it comes to compression and swing? In this video we cover how to get perfect golf impact with the left arm in crazy detail. We cover all the motions from up to down swing and follow through. Discover why your arm needs to rotate and move as you swing. See what the effects are of improper form. You might be surprised how much you didn’t know. Let’s turn this into some good directive to use in our swings, to make those nice clean compressing shots that really get the distance!
– Clay Ballard – 2016

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